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NECO Newsletter…

"Our most recent volunteer is Ayan Behjat, 18, a former graphic designer, who served NECO children for the past few months. His family, who now lives in California, were first exiled from Iran to the UAE where Ayan remains a citizen. He has been an incredible help to us providing a fresh, young perspective implanting corrections and new ideas to better manage the orphanage. He will seek a degree in Agricultural Engineering and currently remains in Nepal researching opportunities to further this goal. Ayan can be reached on Facebook. Would you like to volunteer? Contact us today."

loving this autobiography

you know youre broke

 when you have to trade bananas for a bus ride

Anonymous asked:
Ayan, your photos are amazing! Its great what you are doing. What camera are you using to capture this amazing journey?

Thank you anon :)
im using a nikon d3200 18-55

last weekend i found myself in the amazing city of Pokhara, Nepal/
didnt have a place to stay, but through a friend i ended up in this humble domain. its home to few chill individuals (swedish/french/greek/and nepali). 

This is house in a quite and beautiful valley near the lake side, its nothing but good vibes, good food, peace, and nature
guest house level: heaven

(bottom picture is the view of the lake from the hammock)

today i have officially decided that i greatly dislike metal crockery(bowls, cups, plates, etc.)

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